Pierdere în greutate 230 până la 180. Cât este de 230 de mililitri?

Goodbye transition arc.

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Stay flexible with these modern and cost-effective welding units that can be upgraded and are compatible with the innovative MIG-MAG speed processes.

The M-series is a tried and tested all-rounder in trade, full of high-tech and modern solutions.

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High-end TIG performance in industry, on the construction site and for mobile use, perfectly equipped with the Lorch V-series.

T-Series welding units are ideal for mobile use due to their low weight and compact housings.

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They are the true all-rounders in TIG welding! The TF-Pro lets you weld up to 3 times faster with perfect weld appearance, thanks to its unique integrated, fully automatic cold wire feeder.

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At a weight of no more than 6. MicorBoost technology, robust build quality, and the vertical up weld and pulse function make the Lorch X-series your ideal partner for demanding welding tasks. Mobile welding with the MicorStick offers the best welding performance always and everywhere with MicorBoost technology and the MobilePower battery pack.

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High-quality and reproducible welding of longitudinal and curved seams on magnetic substrates with welding tractors from Lorch. Higher productivity, better quality, and lower costs are made possible by partial automation with Lorch Trac RL series welding tractors. The Lorch modular system enables smart automation of welding tasks to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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Find the details here. Learn more about the automation tool for medium-sized businesses here.

The Robo-MicorMIG series serves as an affordable gateway to robot welding with a plethora of features for robust welding performance. Lorch Q-Sys offers automated control and recording of your weld seams and data for highest-quality welding. Greater transparency for better processes with the Lorch Q-Data recorder and its accessories for smart and simple welding data documentation.