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A very interesting experimental phase was represented by the putting in stand-by of the installation for a 45 minutes period of time, by stopping the waste infeed. The temporary stand-by phase is very important for the real exploitation situation because it is highly probable either not to have wastes for a short period of time or to need a short brake in order to repair some minor technical problems occurred during exploitation.

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In most of the cases the installation will be maintained in standby with the auxiliary burner. The fact that after such a brake the installation reached back nominal functioning conditions after only 8 minutes is remarkable and very important to be mentioned. Both thermal loads are considered to be normal for this kind of installations, fact that brings us to declare that the rocket combustibil fat burner recenzii conditions were normal.

Three main stages of the rocket combustibil fat burner recenzii process 1 2 3 In figure 2 are presented photos to illustrate three main stages of the burning process. In the first photo it can be seen the ignition process, specific for the waste entering a pierderea în greutate camp san jose cold furnace, hardly getting the pyrolisis conditions.

rocket combustibil fat burner recenzii

The process starts from the peripheral zone of the tube, mainly from the region where the flue gases from the auxiliary burner directly heat the pyrolisis tube. It represents a minimal conditions situation for the waste infeed start or for the restart of the installation after a stand-by period.

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In the second stage photo nr. In the third stage the walls of the vortex furnace reach nominal functioning conditions and their radiation on the lateral surface of the pyrolisis tube is important.

The pyrolisis process gains the whole section of the tube and an advanced fix carbon burning process can be noticed at the opened end of the tube. The photos demonstrate once more the grate importance of getting the appropriate temperature conditions for both the flue gas environment and the walls of the burning chamber.

Only by reaching the required temperatures, the heat fluxes to the waste through the lateral surface of the pyrolisis tube and from the opened end layer of burning carbon are sufficient to determine the complete development of the pyrolisis process through the waste infeed section and insure the correct thermal treatment conditions.

Ignition phase 2. Intermediate phase 3.

rocket combustibil fat burner recenzii

Maximal load phase 7. Conclusions The high performance technology of pyrolisisburning thermal treatment of MTW in an installation of vortex burning chamber with long central pyrolisis tube can find an alternative solution when the long tube of small diameter is replaced with a short pyrolisis tube of large diameter.

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In the cases where the large diameter pyrolisis tube is used, the wastes can be directly fed in the installation, as they come from the collection network, packed in cardboard boxes, plastic boxes or plastic bags. The downside of the system is the reduction of the heat exchange surface, by comparison with the long and narrow pyrolisis tube solution, and also the increase of the distance that the high temperature zone must reach.

Both downside aspects lead to problems in reaching the optimal pyrolisis conditions required by the thermal treatment of MTW. By optimizing the length of the cylindrical zone of the large diameter pyrolisis tube and by realizing a large directly exposed surface at the exit of the tube by inclining the exit surface, optimal pyrolisis conditions can be realized also maintaining enough free burning volume in the vortex burning chamber for the volatile products thermal treatment.

The calculations made to establish the optimal constructive solution were confirmed by experimental works performed on a pilot installation, realized in fact as a low debit real MTW thermal treatment installation.

The flue gas analyzes proved the high quality of the thermal treatment and the real viability of the solution. Rezumat : Arderea deşeurilor periculoase cu gazeificare pe un front de suprafaţă mare Tehnologia de mare performanţă pentru arderea deşeurilor periculoase, cu piroliză într-un tub central şi ardere finală într-un focar ciclon, poate avea o variantă specifică instalaţiilor care ard deşeuri cu dimensiuni mari, anume aceea cu piroliză pe o suprafaţă mare în frontul de alimentare.

Soluţia este destinată în special instalaţiilor mici unde costurile instalaţiei de mărunţire a deşeurilor sunt prea mari. Renunţarea însă la instalaţia de mărunţire face imposibilă piroliza într-un tub central de diametru mic.

rocket combustibil fat burner recenzii

Soluţia dezvoltată pentru aceste cazuri este alimentarea frontală a focarului ciclon printr-un tub larg, cu deşeurile în vrac, aşa cum rezultă din colectare, singura condiţie fiind ca alimentarea sǎ se facǎ pe o secţiune de suprafaţă foarte mare.

Suprafaţa mare implică viteze mici de înaintare şi deci timpi de staţionare suficient de mari pentru ca piroliza să se desfăşoare în condiţii rocket combustibil fat burner recenzii.

Se prezintă în lucrare bazele teoretice şi încercările de laborator privind piroliza în contracurent, în care sensul de înaintare a procesului de piroliză este opus sensului mişcării de înaintare a stratului. Antonescu, N. Antonescu, P. Stanescu, ş. Ungureanu, I. Ionel Ioana, ş. Stanescu, N. Slăbiți pentru totdeauna - O soluţie ecologică de incinerator pentru tratarea deşeurilor medicale An echological sollution of burning installation for hospital wastesRev.

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Nicolae N. The pilot was put through extended functioning experiments that proved the ecological qualities and the high thermo-chemical stability of the process. The MTW chosen as representative was synthetically realized by strictly respecting the mean real hospital waste composition, characteristic for central hospitals activities. The experimental data clearly showed a very good quality of the thermal treatment process, pyrolisis followed by vortex burning of volatiles, with very low concentrations of incomplete burning products in the flue gases and no smoke emission.

There was found no fix carbon in the ashes. The process stability is very high, without temperature field fluctuations and no visual aspect changing of the flame, when normal feeding debits variations occur.

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The field temperatures measurement proved to determine optimal conditions for both pyrolisis and volatile burning processes. Description of vortex furnace with pyrolisis tube for MTW thermal treatment installation The researches developed in the last years proved that the burning with gasification process is the most suitable for medical type wastes MTW thermal treatment.

The process holds two steps: pyrolisis at — o C and fix carbon burning at o C. Because the functioning of those installations is strictly controlled by specific regulation, the system must have as exits only flue gases with pollutant concentrations under the values prescribed by standards and non-lixiviable, sterile ashes. Also, the separation between internal and external environment for the system can be reached by realizing a slight under-pressure in the installation by the means of an exhausting fan.

A pilot installation with central pyrolisis tube placed in a vortex furnace was realized in the Thermotechnical Laboratory of the Installations Faculty.

rocket combustibil fat burner recenzii

The pilot was tested in order to demonstrate the ecological qualities and the thermo-chemical stability of the process.